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Little Things Count: Kids and Micronutrients

By Dr. Jerry Mixon July 3, 2012

If you know anything about Longevity Medical Clinic, or about me, you know that I typically focus on ways we mature adults can improve our physical, mental and psychological functions during the last half of our lives. Today’s blog is going to be quite a bit different. That’s because, as many of you know, my wife and I recently had a new baby – and like all new parents I want my baby to be as smart, well-educated, happy and successful as possible in her life. So in addition to the usual hours I spend each day reviewing the latest literature describing what happens to us during the aging process, I’ve recently been spending a little time considering the other end of the life spectrum: child development. What I want to know is: what can I do to make my baby daughter’s little brain as robust and resilient as possible?

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