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13 Tips for an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

By Dr. Jerry Mixon May 4, 2014


Inflammation can lead to increased risk of diseases. Follow these tips to combat a multitude of health issues, present and future.

  1. Eat organic produce, organic range-fed poultry, meat, dairy and eggs. Eating organic reduces the overall chemical stress on the liver, kidneys, and immune system.
  2. Eat vegetables of every color of the rainbow. The brighter the color, the higher the antioxidant level of the vegetable. Antioxidants soothe your body's chemistry.
  3. Reduce inflammation by balancing your blood sugars.
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When the Passion is Gone, There's Hope

By Dr. Jerry Mixon August 3, 2013

When it comes to making love, which is worse: losing desire or losing the ability?

We’ve all seen the ads for erectile disorder drugs. The massive profits being made from these drugs testifies to the perceived demand. But in my experience, a problem of equal if not greater importance is the loss of passion. All too often, the lack of sexual function is less an issue of blood flow, which is what those drugs are designed to address, but more frequently, the underlying problem is a loss of passion for life in general, including sexuality.

People who are so tired and stressed that they can barely drag themselves to the end of the day have very little left over for romance by the time the sun sets. My goal is usually to help my patients regain the drive, ambition, and enthusiasm for life that they had in past years. If we accomplish that, there is usually much less need for the ED drugs.

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