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Alkaline Angst

By Dr. Jerry Mixon July 14, 2008

Alkalinity is the next piece of pseudo-scientific silliness that frequently comes up when people talk about water.

What is the proper PH of your water? I’ve seen a ton of folks telling people how important it is that their water be alkaline. The reasoning here is that the PH of your body is generally alkaline (which is true and also a fancy way of saying your blood is salty), thus your water should match the PH of your body. Sadly, that oversimplifies the situation somewhat.

Before we tackle this one we need to establish exactly what is meant by “alkaline” and what exactly is “PH”. Most folks will tell you that PH is a measure of how acidic something is. They then conclude that since alkaline is the opposite of acidic, alkaline is good and acidic is bad. This view however has a few inaccuracies. First off, PH doesn’t measure acidity; rather, it measures how far it is from distilled water. The PH scale goes up to 14 with distilled water smack in

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