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Skincare From the Inside Out Through ALA Supplementation

By Dr. Jerry Mixon August 2, 2013

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I once knew a young model who paid $400 an ounce for skin cream. When I asked her why she chose that particular cream, she said, “It’s the best.” When I asked her how she knew it was the best, her answer was “because it’s the most expensive”.

When I looked at the ingredients, I was able to make a rough estimate their total cost, which was about $.70 per ounce. I would love to sell something that cost $.70 for $400, but my conscience would never let me go there. But let me share something with you that may help you to both look and function better, inside and out for a whole lot less money.

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Do Our Labels Tell the Whole Story?

By Dr. Jerry Mixon April 29, 2011

We human beings seem to like to label things – the simpler, the better! This urge to put everything into simple categories definitely applies to drugs and supplements – we like to think that Drug A always has one particular effect, and Supplement B has a different one. Just take this pill or use this crème and, voila, you always get one simple outcome.

That may be tidy, but it’s seldom accurate. In the real world, the drugs and supplements we take usually refuse to cooperate with this fantasy. Instead, one compound can have many effects – and many compounds can have similar effects. Often none of these interactions seem to correlate very well to the labels we put on them.

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